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Rock On -- In Nomine
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Monday, May 3rd, 2010
4:29 am
Welcome to your post-game reward! Where I talk and post a bunch of silly stuff for fun.

ReasonsCollapse )

InspirationsCollapse )

COSTUMES!!Collapse )

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***MINIGAMES***Collapse )

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State of GraceCollapse )

In The Future...Collapse )

Current Mood: accomplished
2:07 am
EPILOGUE: Final Re-WordCollapse )

Current Mood: busy
2:03 am
EPILOGUE: DescendCollapse )

Current Mood: awake
Wednesday, April 21st, 2010
9:36 pm
This was a story, about many things.

It was a story about death.
It was a story about loss.
It was a story about hatred.
It was a story about mothers.
It was a story about the forsaken.
It was a story about dreams.
It was a story about puppies.
It was a story about a little baby bunny.
It was a story about knights, bright and dark.
It was a story about songs.
It was a story about extremes.
It was a story about the waters.
It was a story about fire and ice.
It was a story about regret.
It was a story about those who had soul enough.

It was a story about forgiveness.

Five Years LaterCollapse )

Current Mood: happy
8:46 pm
...it ends.
Corners Of LightCollapse )

Current Mood: Sad, But happy, too.
5:22 pm
5:08 pm
4:54 pm
Saturday, April 3rd, 2010
7:56 pm
7:16 pm
7:12 pm
7:09 pm
6:59 pm
6:53 pm
6:44 pm
(You just refuse to give up, don't you? You could have ended it there, and guided the human heart of She to the Guilt of Light. It could have been resolved at last. But you wouldn't stand for it. You wouldn't let go of even one loose thread. You're Hardcore, after all -- nothing done by half, no extreme left unexplored.)

(To go beyond, to suffer the wrath of time and space in collapse, to chase a broken being into the very heart of the All; it will be done. So history is changed, and there will be no future but what you make. A new ending becomes possible. And this is how it will happen. This is not how you will save the world.)

(This is how you will save a soul.)

So it begins. The hidden one. The tenth one.

6:41 pm
A choice is made.
The Voice Which Speaks Against GodCollapse )


Current Mood: pleased
6:33 pm
AmondiasCollapse )

Current Mood: sad
6:31 pm
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6:18 pm
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